A Tip of the Hat for the Olympics

Lord Nelson

For just four days, twenty statues around London, including Admiral Lord Nelson in Trafalgar Square, have received specially commissioned hats to celebrate the best of British millinery talent and the Olympic creative spirit. Called Hatwalk, the statues are famous and so are the hatmakers: Stephen Jones, Philip Treacy, and Sylvia Fletcher (Kate Middleton’s favourite designer).

Lord Nelson’s new updated bicorn hat showed the British colours, along with the Olympic torch. It was designed by London’s oldest hatters, Lock & Co who made the late admiral’s original hat. Nelson is 52 metres up, so putting it on was quite a feat.

George IV

Stephen Jones created this Maharajah-like creation atop George IV.

Charles Napier


General Sir Charles James Napier has a swirl of a hat. The designer won a competition to make it. She explained her idea:

 I just took inspiration from Napier himself. I came down one day and just stood in front of him for a while. His presence and silhouette, plus his work overseas really inspired me.

Major Havelock



Another Trafalgar Square resident: Major-General Sir Henry Havelock, KCB was a British general who is associated with India and his recapture of Cawnpore from rebels during Indian Rebellion of 1857.

Former US president Franklin Roosevelt got one (his says Spam for some unknown reason), as did Churchill, Queen Victoria, Robert Burns and Shakespeare (sadly his has already been stolen).

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