I know, I’m a hypocrite, but why I broke down and bought a new MacBook Pro


So after reading TreeHugger tech editor Jaymi’s post on the lack of repairability of the new Macbook,  Verdict Is In: MacBook Pro with Retina Display Really Sucks (at Being Repairable) and writing Should I give up on Mac and go back to Windows? Why would I go out and spend almost three times as much as a decent Windows machine might cost?

For one thing, this is the future of computer screens, incredibly high resolution. Website designs are changing to work cross-platform (tablets, computers, phones) and content has to look good on them all.  Photos are also getting larger as high speed connections become almost universal and storage becomes cheaper every day.

I have chosen a design for this site that uses very large photographs and five minutes in the Apple store convinced me that screens of this resolution will change the way we use computers, it is like a high quality glossy magazine. It is simply stunning.

The design for this website was picked so that it would pop on a high resolution tablet and computer, because that is what your next one will be.

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