Why we have changed our name and design

It’s been about six months since we went live with this project under the name PostFifty, and it needs a few tweaks. I have looked at issues of design, hosting, writing and most importantly, name, and have changed a few things. Welcome to LivePlayWork.

1. Content

My original idea for content was to find people who wrote in their day job, but led interesting lives that they could talk about. I can think of at least two of the people I asked who are almost burned out by their day job, and though this would be a great opportunity.

But apparently writers don’t need a busman’s holiday, they have written enough. It didn’t work. I am following a more traditional route, looking to promote new voices rather than providing an outlet for those who already have a platform.

2. Platform

we have been working with a custom website design on a relatively expensive hosting service. I am switching back to a more linear design, with hosting on WordPress, which has some real advantages. One that I have found is that there is an app for smart phones that lets me do posts right from my iPhone!

3. Design

We are back to a more traditional linear design, with big, big photos. It is what they call a “responsive” design, that works well on phones, tablets, notebooks and even the new retina displays.

4. Name

I thought postfifty.com was a great name, but have met quite a few people that I would have thought were my target market and said that they wouldn’t be caught dead going to a site that reminded them that they were post fifty. It is a good point. Also it was a bit too close to Huffington Post’s Post 50 site. The baby boomer generation is not just post fifty, it is a moving target that should not be tied down to everyone over 50. It is a tighter niche.

In the face of few better alternatives, we are reverting to LivePlayWork.net.

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