A Zoomer Is Supposed to be a Boomer with Zip. MIA at the Zoomer Show In Toronto

I don’t know why I go to the Zoomer show every year, perhaps it was because Moses Znaimer was one of the first to recognize this market and has tried to own it. The trouble is, from the music he plays on his radio stations to the stuff on his TV (really, the Benny Hill Show?) to the booths in the zoomer show and the audience visiting it, skews senior, not boomer. I honestly don’t think any of us are thinking about planned purchases of cemetery plots yet.

There were only two interesting products in the place; I liked the idea of these pullout kitchen drawers for aftermarket installation in kitchens. But then this would be good for anyone, not just those who are having trouble bending down and getting to the back of a kitchen, that is how kitchens should have been designed in the first place. More at Glidingshelf.ca 

These guys are on to something. They have built a website where retired or downsized managers and executives can sign in, and companies in need of short term help can hire them.

BoomersWork.ca returns talented managers, supervisors, professionals and executives to career satisfaction, a dynamic workplace and income – all on their own terms, without a commitment to full-time employment.

Corporations and companies benefit from our easy-to-use system too. Using BoomersWork.ca means you can:

  1. Use our private, secure online personnel search engine to match your project requirements with the right senior executive.
  2. Stop sorting through piles of resumes and quickly locate the right fit for your position.
  3. Avoid a commitment to full time employment legacy costs.
  4. Have confidence that every candidate is screened and verified.
  5. Avoid the headaches of traditional job sites.
  6. Save time and money with this fast-match service.

A real Zoomer show would have bikes, not antique cars. Business ideas like Boomerswork, not retirement, disability and death. Less Moses Znaimer and more Warren Miller. Really.

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