Cineplex introducing adult-only cinemas, so cranky boomers don’t have to listen to kids. No thanks.

CC 2.0 Patrick Feller

The movie chains are doing anything they can to prevent themselves from going the way of the drive-in; now they are experimenting with adults-only theatres. According to the Canadian Press,

The company said Monday that it will install the new screens at three Ontario theatres, as well as build the first stand alone VIP cinema in Don Mills, Ont. Ticket prices for the high-end theatres typically range from five to seven dollars more, though Cineplex hasn’t said how much it will charge at the new locations.

The exhibitor has also hired a chef to expand on the existing line of appetizers, which already includes calamari, deep fried pickles and macaroni and cheese wedges. An array of alcoholic beverages are also on the existing menu, ranging from beer to martinis.

Linda Ko of Boomerwatch thinks it is a great idea.

Currently, movie cinemas are dominated by teenage audiences who obviously look for a different experience at the cinema – popcorn, hotdogs, chocolate bars, sodas and pops. Technologically, these younger audiences also seek out cinemas with 3D or IMAX screenings. Cell phones and noisy gadgets sometimes are often not switched off during movies.

I am not so sure:

  • Adults are already self-selecting films. If you go to a Woody Allen movie or other adult themed film there won’t be a kid in the place. They already are de facto adults-only.
  • Adults talk as much as kids in the theatre, maybe more, and they are LOUDER.
  • A decent adult cinema would have no food or drink, like they do at TIFF for many of the films. It should be a theatrical experience, not your living room sofa. Forget the calamari, give me a movie without smells and crunches.
  • I went to Hunger Games with my daughter, and it was fun. The place was full of kids. Sometimes, you want the buzz, not the snore.

Really, if we want to wall ourselves off from the younger generations, why not just stay home and do Netflix?


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