This Must Be The Place: The CN Tower Show

There was an embarrassing moment in This Must Be the Place: The CN Tower Show at Theatre Passe Muraille ; there is a lot of audience participation in this show, and at one point Georgina Beaty asked everyone how long they had lived in Toronto, counting years up by fives. When she got to 55 years, there were only two of us still standing. (the other one looked like Alice Cooper, it was not your typical theatre crowd.)

I was predisposed to like any show that comes from a group called the Architect Theatre Collective,   The company describes the show:

Using music and theatre, maps and media, This Must Be the Place: The CN Tower Show is a love letter to Toronto, onstage. At the middle of a scramble intersection the stories of Toronto are played out. Where have we come from? Where are we going? This Must Be The Place.

Much of it is made up of interviews; I recognized the words and voice of planner Ken Greenberg and of course, Jane Jacobs. The rest of it was great fun; I even got up and danced. The show got great reviews but not big audience; I wonder if people are afraid of this sort of participatory theatre, I usually am not a fan of being dragged onto the stage. But it worked here.

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