New York Times kills it’s boomer blog

  Like me, they thought this was a good idea, talking straight to baby boomers. It’s not so easy, given that the target audience is thinking about just about anything else. Interestingly, they are going to keep their weekly newsletter going. The Booming Blog Says Goodbye –

So what’s Mossberg starting?

Lots of boomers are looking for the Last Big Thing, the venture they always wanted to do. The exit interview at Mashables starts: At an age when some may consider spending more time practicing their golf swing or perfecting their poker face, tech journalist Walt Mossberg is about to embark on what may be his…

So many boomers are looking for the Last Big Thing

Yet another article about baby boomers starting businesses. Here’s one in the New York Times about a skier who developed orthopedic tights: A second Wind from an Injured Knee. The article includes some stats on the trend: His decision to start a business in his late 50s is far from unusual. A report this year by the…

Growing old, Stones-style –

Growing old, Stones-style – Most notably, if “pensioners” can now dance so wildly on stage, might it be time to rethink that whole concept of retirement? It is an intriguing issue, not least given the vicious fight about fiscal reform now under way everywhere from Athens to Washington.

On the future of print and the death of Newsweek

Jonathan Alter (no relation) quoted in the Atlantic about the death (or suicide) of Newsweek: In the 1920s, people (including FDR) thought radio would mean the end of newspapers and in the 1950s they thought TV would mean the end of radio. In truth, old media doesn’t die, it just goes from mass media to…

The way we work and make things is changing

hotpop from Lloyd Alter on Vimeo. It used to take so much space, money and time to start a business; now, with computers and 3D printers, you can do it on your dining room table. Matt Compeau and Bi-Ying Miao started a business designing and manufacturing jewelry in their apartment in the Annex neighbourhood of Toronto;…

Why we have changed our name and design

It’s been about six months since we went live with this project under the name PostFifty, and it needs a few tweaks. I have looked at issues of design, hosting, writing and most importantly, name, and have changed a few things. Welcome to LivePlayWork.